Tommy D's Birding Expeditions Tours

Tommy D's Birding Expeditions Tours

Hire me as your guide to show you a variety of birds or the bird of your choice through the tour of your choice.  I live in the Phoenix area and I have a lot of experience for finding birds throughout Arizona.  In the Phoenix/Maricopa County region alone, we have Le Conte's Thrasher, plenty of southwestern desert birds, a variety of the bird species that are found in the western United States, the exotic Rosy-faced Lovebird, and an amazing variety of habitats.  Outside of the Maricopa region there is much more to explore! 

My Status For Tours:  Open with limited availability

I offer private tours on a limited basis.  Due to working full time elsewhere, I'm not able to commit to guiding full time.  With my guided tours, I'm not able to take reservations far in advance, and I only have a small time frame for when I can accept business for full day tours.  The dates for days are listed on the list I'm giving below, and there is a cut off date mentioned on here also for when I can't accept reservations beyond that date.  These are the only days that I'm available for guiding. 

Available Days For Guiding:
I don't have any availability at the moment, please check back later.

Cutoff date for tours:  

 I can't take any requests for tours past this cutoff date.  If you are interested in a tour past this date, please check back soon.  (Because of my employment status as being full time elsewhere, I can't devote my primary time to guiding and have to put the schedule of my primary job first).  Please look at the links section on to potentially hire other guides if you want your tour to be arranged much further in advance.

Tour Types and Fees

-Half Day:  This covers up to five hours and is perfect for seeking out a few targets or getting a cast of species that can be found in a specific habitat.  Cost: $170

-Full Day:  This tour will run from eight to ten hours and is a fun option where we can hit up a variety of places to see a cast of different birds, or we can work up a list of birds to target.  Cost (8-10 hours): $250

-Extra Long Day:  If your wanting to go beyond 10 hours, we can go for as long as you would like.  The cost will be $25 per additional hour once we exceed 10 hours.  This option works well for covering multiple habitat and elevation examples in a day, or something like an owling adventure at the end of a day.

Other Costs

*If we take my vehicle (which seats up to 5 people), the cost will add in addition to the normal cost of a tour.  I will charge $0.40 per mile driven on the tour when taking my vehicle.  I will also add the cost of my gas money to the tour.  There will also be a traveling fee for when I travel to meet you.  I won't charge for meeting places that are close to where I live in Peoria/Glendale.

*If there are entry fees to a place we will be birding, you will cover that cost.

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To contact me about creating your birding tour, email me at:

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