Friday, July 29, 2016

T.O.B.Y.'S Potential Final (A Preview)

The next T.O.B.Y. search will take place in two weeks.  That's right, two weeks from now!  I'm stoked and pumped up, and I hope I can land my target.  And since this is a T.O.B.Y. search, that means that I am looking for my final owl that can potentially be not only the final owl that I need for my North American owl big year, but is also the final owl I need for my North American list of regularly occurring owls.   I'm not going to share my attempt information of where I'm going quite yet.  I will say that that owl is the Boreal Owl (chills down my spine).  For the meantime, I've made a video preview that gives a shorter recap of T.O.B.Y. thus far and it shows in order the 18 owls that have gotten me to this point so far.  Check out this music video recap and enjoy it.  The song is called "Feel Invincible" and the band who performs and wrote the song is called Skillet.  Hopefully this will help all of you get pumped up for me as well as I make an attempt to COMPLETE T.O.B.Y.  If I fail on this upcoming trip, well you all know I don't give up easily.....