Thursday, September 3, 2015

Greater Than the Flattened Pewee

Hi Everyone,

I explored and enjoyed a good morning of birding at Mount Ord.  All of my birding was done along Forest Road 1688.  I was deciding between Mt. Ord and Slate Creek Divide, and I had the feeling to go to Mt. Ord.  As I got to the 1688 junction, I realized I had a hole in my tire.  I don't know if I got it by hitting something on the way up, but luckily I was on flat ground and it probably would have been a lot worse on the road up to Slate Creek.  It wasn't a good way to start out the morning, but the weather on this pine/oak mountain as well as the birds made up for it.  I changed the tire immediately and found out I had warranty on it for a free replacement later today, so it wasn't so bad after all.

The best bird I had this morning was a singing GREATER PEWEE in a drainage that I accessed near the ending stretch of FR 1688.  I located the bird quickly after hearing it and had decent looks.  This is the first time I have ever detected a Greater Pewee in Maricopa County's higher elevations, and it is seemingly a long overdue bird for me to find in the Mazatzal Mountains (Slate Creek, Mt. Ord, etc.).  I've been looking for a long time!  This bird was most likely a migrant, unless it has been overlooked this year.  It seems to me like Mount Ord and Slate Creek have appropriate habitat to harbor this bird (especially Slate Creek) as a breeder.

Other highlights I had in a 5 hour exploration of 2.5 miles among 37 species included ~25 ACORN WOODPECKERS, 7 HAIRY WOODPECKERS, 7 "WESTERN" FLYCATCHERS that were silent other than their generic calls, a calling PACIFIC-SLOPE FLYCATCHER, 7 PLUMBEOUS, 5 HUTTON'S, and 4 WARBLING VIREOS; abundant groups of BUSHTITS, 8 PYGMY NUTHATCHES scattered throughout the duration, 5 CANYON WRENS (one curiously approached me and hopped around right at my feet in the open as I was standing on a log and listening!), 1 ORANGE-CROWNED, 1 NASHVILLE, 2 MACGILLIVRAY'S, 13 BLACK-THROATED GRAY, 1 HERMIT, and 7 WILSON'S WARBLERS, 8 PAINTED REDSTARTS, 1 GREEN-TAILED TOWHEE, 8 HEPATIC TANAGER, 20+ WESTERN TANAGERS, and 6 BLACK-HEADED GROSBEAKS.

Other wildlife included a likely Gray Fox that I briefly saw running away from me, a Coues White-tailed Deer, and a Montezuma Squirrel.  I don't know the squirrel species, but I called it Montezuma a few years ago because it makes a sound that sounds eerily similar to that of a Montezuma Quail.  The pointless squirrel led me to belief that I had a MONQ on Mount Ord several years ago, but now it can't fool me anymore.  I hate the dumb thing.  I did record the squirrel calling along with some of the birds.  I'll include a YouTube video link for this recording.  It helps to have a good sound system or headphones to listen to this video, it's not the best recording.  The squirrel can be made out, and it really does sound like that quail!

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Good Birding,

Tommy DeBardeleben (Glendale, Arizona)


  1. Awesome trip! Few people know that Maricopa has such specialty species. Hope you enjoyed your time with Jose Maria!

  2. Congrats on finding a Jose Maria in the county, Mr. Tommy!!! Just another awesome find by "The King of Maricopa"!!! Sorry about the tire though.