Thursday, April 3, 2014

A CrapShoot

I woke up at my apartment complex today and decided to spend the first half of my day before going to work working on my computer.  I got my photo life list on here complete with what I've photographed so far.  Some of those are good pictures as of last year, but before then, ouch, no so much.  But at least every photo is identifiable of the bird (for the most part).  And I woke up and realized that I had two dorky photographic lifers right outside my front door that I've never attempted to photograph before.  They are the House Sparrow and European Starling.  And I put in a hard core effort for both of them.  With the lovely surroundings around me as I stepped foot outside, I knew these two birds had to be around.

As I began to bird rapidly for House Sparrows and European Starlings, I soon found many House Sparrows within seconds!!!!!!!

One crapper down and one to go!  But the Starlings were real crap, and I actually had to work for them.  I would see them flying in the sky, and they kept going.  In order to get a photo, I figured I would have "to find the flock".  I did see some other birds in my Starling quest.  This included the Inca Dove, which are abundant in my apartment complex.  No Hope, Who Care's, There's Hope.  Whatever they say, I hear it all day.

The best sighting wasn't even a bird.  There were two attractive girls walking around the apartment complex, and they probably wondered why I had a camera.  I'm not a creep, so, sorry all, no pictures of the attractive girls.  But they were there.  The luck continued as I found this Eurasian Trash Dove.

I crapped myself when I had this high count of Rock Pigeons.  Who would've guessed?

After 20 long minutes, I managed to get my second photo lifer of the day!!!! THE STARLING!!!!!!!

I followed the Starling showdown with a reasonable bird, the Chipping Sparrow.

The Starlings and House Sparrows were introduced into North America in the 1800's, some crap like that.  They spread rapidly.  The European Starling is actually kinda cool looking.  If it was native, and wasn't such a pest, I think I would actually like it.

I don't care for House Sparrows or European Starlings.  They did, however, make my photo list go from 425 to 427.  So, I guess they are good for something!  Thanks for reading, just thought I'd get the crapshoot overwith today.

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