Friday, November 8, 2013

The Continuing Fun at Tres Rios

Tres Rios continues to be good as always.  There aren't many dull moments here!   I birded here for eight hours on November 8th, and I had 81 species for the day.  I also had the privilege of showing Sue and Carl Horton around the area for half of the day.  The bird life is quickly starting to increase rapidly at Tres Rios.

When you see both Pelicans flying close to each other, you know your in an awesome place.  I didn't sneak off to California or anything, this is really in Phoenix!!

Brown Pelican and American White Pelican

Tres Rios is always full of Ospreys, as I always mention.  When one of these raptors flies overhead with a fish, I can never resist watching it and snapping away!


November is the time for good rarities to show up.  At Tres Rios, it is often an eastern warbler, such as this female American Redstart.  She's quite the show off too.

American Redstart

When I was with Sue and Carl, we even came across an area where 4-5 Soras remarkably came out of the reeds and walked around in the open in front of us.


We also didn't Shrike-out on Loggerheads

Sue and Carl also got their first Gambel's Quail, which was awesome to see them see it for the first time!

At this time of year, White-crowned Sparrows are abundant.  But they do sing some great music!

On the Tres Rios outing, I showed Sue and Carl one Roadrunner, but because While E. Coyote was out and about, the Roadrunner was busy outwitting him.

What Tres Rios highlights are next?  I always ask myself that.

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  1. Great post Tommy.

    Your quip about the Shriking out...brilliant!