Thursday, October 31, 2013

Local Shorebirds and Marsh Dwellers

2013's birding continues to rock my binocs off!  Good birds keep showing up, and the birding is awesome.  All with the exception that I missed the Glendale Recharge Pond's first ever Heermann's Gulls that were discovered on one day.  I was stuck at work, and because of the Heermann's Gull having an obsession with being a notorious "one day wonder" they had already departed.  But the other birds sure haven't dissapointed me!

One of the best local sightings has been a Black-bellied Plover at the Glendale Recharge Ponds.  It has been three years since I have seen this species, so it was very cool.  My friend Melanie Herring found this bird, and when I went to chase it, I found Melanie at the parking lot.  We both birded together at the ponds, and Melanie re found the Black-bellied Plover with ease.  We got to get very close to the bird which resulted in these pictures I was able to snap of the bird!

Black-bellied Plover

Also, here's a lesser but still neat shorebird-the Lesser Yellowlegs

These Brown Pelicans have been hanging out at Tres Rios for a long time now.  They seem to get dumber every visit, because they never wanna leave this dock.  

The Marsh Wren is never easy to photograph.  This is the best I've done.  This is probably a classic Marsh Wren shot, with a weed in the way.

Belted Kingfisher

Cooper's Hawk

Greater Roadrunner

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