Monday, August 19, 2013

Low Budget Birding: Part Two

I'm still suffering the consequences of not paying attention while driving.  I'm still "Low Budget Birding".  In fact, my last six outings have resulted in trips to the close by Glendale Recharge Ponds.  I love the Ponds but I am sick of birding them every birding outing.  The water levels aren't so good for the shorebird migration that is passing through.  If one of the basins was shallow with mudflats, thousands of shorebirds would be present.  But I've come away these last visits without much to brag about.

The Great Blue Heron is the biggest bird one will see here right now, in comparison with the tiny 6 inch Least Sandpiper.  This Great Blue wanted my attention as I was walking up.  I didn't see any Blue-footed Boobies at the pond (which I want to see in Patagonia!), so why not photograph the Great Blue.

There were also a lot of Long-billed Dowitchers around.  They were the second-most numerous shorebird after the Least Sandpiper army.  This especially was noticeable when the flock of Dowitchers spooked.

Usually when shorebirds spook like this, a raptor is flying through on the pursuit of one of their very lives.  In this case, I looked up to see the Peregrine Falcon!  This wasn't the only Peregrine Falcon who hunted over the basin, it was even joined by a second Peregrine.  The Peregrine Falcons are very reliable here at the Glendale Ponds, and it is always a great bird to see.

And this concludes this post-Low Budget Birding Two.  Hopefully a better Tommy D Birding Expedition will come on my next post!!  Thanks to the Peregrine Falcon for saving me from complete boredom!

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