Friday, July 19, 2013

The Rail who didn't Bail!

This is a photographic and birding related rant, or in better words, a tale;

About a bird, who acted as if he had just gotten out of jail.

I stood on a bridge over some water, staring at this bird;

I was so in shock, I couldn't say a word.

In a morning of birding that didn't produce anything better than a Quail;

something then came into view, that left my face pale.

There was an elusive bird out in the open, who is usually shy;

And in midst of my pale, mute, and shocked face, all I could ask is "WHY"?

The why wasn't a complaint, which is all I hear from my co-workers Gail and Dale;

But was more of a gracious wonder, such as a bonus in the mail.

The bird continued to be cooperative, and in the open water it would dip;

I kept wanting more, as if it was Sprite soda I needed to sip.

A fellow bird of this species would've given this bird a letter grade "F", known as a fail;

Because this bird forget his identity, which is how to be a Rail.

This bird is a Virginia Rail, and seeing him in the open was a treat;

And hopefully by now, he has learned to become a rail, rather than a Peregrine Falcon's piece of meat.

This Virginia Rail was discovered by Keith, Lindsay, and Dick Story at the Glendale Recharge Ponds in mid-May.  I had gone there in hopes of seeing a Least Tern, as well as the Story family.  We didn't get the tern on a boring day at the basins, but on the way in the Story's told me about a Virginia Rail who was surprisingly hanging out in the open at the edge of a few reeds in shallow water.  These reeds where by the entrance to the ponds, and were viewed by standing on a bridge that enters on the ponds.  I went back and was treated to seeing the Rail, which was a new bird for the Glendale Recharge Ponds for me.  Virginia Rails are 99.9 % elusive at all times, so I was very fortunate to see this bird, which was only the fourth or fifth visual I have ever had of this species.  This was definitely the best out of those four or five!  I write this post late because I can be very lazy, but better late than never!  And also, the Virginia Rail was way better than seeing a rare Least Tern.... 

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